More flexible, faster, more in synch with the PM spirit

Flexible, Evocative, Unique
Our mission and values have not changed. And will not change.
They have guided us for over sixty years and will continue to guide us in the future as well.

The company name will not change:
embodies the history of the company and expresses its identity.

A new brand name


We decided to change our “Product Brand”.


We felt we needed a shorter, snappier name and, above all, one which can communicate our ability to provide flexible solutions based on the requirements of each of our customers.

We Conduct Your Energy

The pay-off will not change: PM Flex continues to support its installers with the aim of making their job easier, faster and safer.


PM FLEX: short, fast, easy


A unique brand name for the entire PM offer, worldwide

In a nutshell

PM the initials of the founder, Pietro Moscheni, the beginning of our story.

FLEX the feature personifying what we represent: flexibility, speed, adaptability