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The solar industry


Solar Solution

Solar panels and so-called sunroofs with integrated panels are a strongly growing market today. In addition to reducing their own electricity consumption, the user can also choose to sell their overproduction of electricity. Sweden is often perceived as a sun-poor country, but in southern Sweden, we have about as many hours of sunshine as central Europe. In addition, our cold climate increases the efficiency of solar cells. Installing solar cells has therefore become very popular both among private indibeiuals but also among other actors in society.

  • Belief and challenges

    In close cooperation with the solar industry, we have developed solutions like pre-wired solar conduits. When we believe in something, we make sure to implement it, we simply like challenges and want to achieve more, we want to influence society positively.


    Flexible & UV-Resistant

    In order for these installations to be safe, attractive and simple, and thus time-efficient, we have developed a contracted solar panel cable. The flex tube itself is black and of course UV-resistant, the cable is double-insulated and halogen-free and is available in 3 versions, with one, two, or 3 cables depending on installation.


    Complementary Range

    As a complementary range, we have our UV-resistant range with black flex tubes, for this type of installation, the packaging solution with shorter lengths is excellent as it usually does not require such long runs for solar cell installations. Black rigid pipes are available in various dimensions that can withstand a pressure of 750N. For this, there are accessories such as black splice sleeves and black APL staples. APL clamps are excellent for attaching rigid pipes, flex pipes, or armored pipes for outdoor installation. APL Staples are made of hot-dip galvanized and black lacquered sheet metal.

Products used for Solar Installation

Down below are products that are mostly used for Solar Installations. Ranging from Cables to Accessories.

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