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E-mobility Solutions


The future is electrical

The E-mobility solutions is a fast growing market. On the market today are both electric cars and various plug-in hybrids. An electric car runs on one or more electric motors and draws its energy from rechargeable batteries.

  • Unique cable protection

    With Pmflex’s unique cable protection systems, the installation of the charging box is complete, attractive, and safe. The electrical cables to the box are protected from external influences with high-quality cable protections, surface-treated with Magnelis, which has superior corrosion protection.


    Bend & T-Crosses

    A unique ability for self-healing in drilled holes, weld seams and cut surfaces, even and fine surface structure, and a significantly smaller impact on the environment. The accessories that are in the range, such as ready-made bends and T-crosses, mean that the installer does not have to bend and bend himself, which makes the installation safe for the installer as well as uniform and stylish As a complement to the cable guards, it is also excellent to use our JR clamps, they have an oval hole to facilitate a straight and stylish installation. JR is available in different sizes, JR110-JR150 has space for one cable, JR206-JR222 has space for two cables, etc.


    Time-saving and simplified

    For certain types of installations, our black UV-resistant rigid pipes can fit well, preferably with black APL clamps. APLs are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and black lacquered. They also have oval screw holes to facilitate a straight and stylish assembly. For larger garages and parking garages where they need to be able to add on several electric car chargers is used with advantages and flat cable. The Pmflex range then includes staples JR Flat, which is adapted and has a perfect fit for these cables.

Products used for E-mobility

Down below are products that are mostly used for E-mobility Solutions. Ranging from Cables to Accessories.

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