• Smart uncoiling system for pre-wired conduit rolls up to 300 meters
  • PM Rock'n Roll is a smart uncoiling tool for long length rolls of pre-wired conduits: Rock'n Roll has been designed to carry bobbins of conduits up to 300 meters long (300 m for diameter 16 mm and 200 m for diameter 20mm). It is fantastically easy to handle, because there is no need to lift the bobbin up. It is tremendously convenient, because it doesn't require any extra tool. With our Rock'n Roll, moving around the roll is extremely easy and conduit unwinding is super smooth. Changing the bobbin is very easy too. Bobbins are heavy duty and reusable, at the end of their life plastic gets recycled. Rock'n Roll is foldable, thus greatly simplifying the transport.
  • Conduit waste is heavily reduced, compared to ordinary rolls
  • The unique design makes it very simple and easy to maneuver and to change bobbin
  • Unwinding of conduits is very easy, thanks to the high stability of the uncoiler, that perfectly lies on the ground
  • Adjustable handle