Safety and respect for the environment

In PM, we feel a responsibility towards the environment and those who choose our products: commercial partners, installers and the people who make use of the space in which our products are installed. As a result, we purchase all the raw materials from the highest qualified European manufacturers and submit them to stringent quality controls.

Moreover, we design and manufacture 100% recyclable products which are extra safe, not just REACH compliant, but free from substances which could be potentially banned in the future (on the Candidate List).

Ever greener

PM products are constantly evolving to be ready to meet the latest and strictest requirements in terms of safety at any time.
Using PM products with the HF (Halogen Free) or LSF0H (Low Smoke Flame Retardant Zero Halogen) mark, in fact, means ensuring public safety and the protection of valuable assets in the event of a fire.

PM conduits, with the LSF0H mark, comply with the international standards IEC 61034-2, IEC 60754-1 and
IEC 60754-2.

Low Smoke” = minimum emission of dense smoke; this means that escape routes remain visible, guaranteeing the possibility of rapid rescue

Flame resistant” = flame retardant

Zero Halogen” = the halogen content is minimal. The binary acid content of the smoke is less than 0.5%

Thanks to all these characteristics, the use of PM LSF0H conduits is highly recommended in buildings frequented with a high footfall (shopping centres, airports, stations, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc.) and valuable assets (museums, IT centres, etc.).

PM has also introduced “Halogen Free” conduits, the latest frontier in terms of environmental protection and public safety, in compliance with the recent standard EN 50264.

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The latest product, PM FLEX ECO-GREEN, on the other hand, is at the forefront of eco-sustainability: recycled polypropylene and organic polyethylene for a corrugated, flexible and environmentally-friendly conduit.

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Improved performance

PM FLEX ICTA flexible hollow and pre-wired conduits are manufactured with special eco-compatible plastic polymers which give them greater resistance compared to PVC and allow for safe, long-term use in any kind of installation.

Compared to PVC conduits, PM’s ICTA conduits are:

3 times more impact resistant (6 joules compared to 2 joules), thanks to the increased outer thickness

– significantly more resistant to high temperatures: up to 90°C compared to 60°C

self-recovering: when crushed, they recover at least 90% of their original diameter. They do not, therefore, require a protective concrete cover

– significantly safer compared to PVC conduits: in the event of fire, they do not release hydrochloric acid, a toxic and corrosive gas which is released when PVC conduits are incinerated.

PM FLEX ICTA conduits are ideal for all types of installations and are the only ones recommended and guaranteed by PM for direct burying in concrete and liquid cement.