The PM FLEX Group: the efficiency of a streamlined and flexible organisation, with 60 years of experience

A company specialised in the production of conduits for electrical systems since 1962

About us

PM FLEX is an all-Italian manufacturer.

Our headquarters and factories have been located in the province of Bergamo since the company was founded in 1962.

After almost 60 years of business, we are proud to offer our customers 12 quality brands, which make us the specialist and number one manufacturer in Europe of plastic insulating conduits for electrical systems.

We offer a complete range of conduits and accessories and we adapt to all market demands.

Keeping in step for over 60 years.

PM Plastic Materials was set up in 1962, taking its name from the very original founder, Pietro Moscheni. In that year, the company began producing flexible plastic conduits and linked its name to the products.

Fast forward to 2020 and the group’s product brand, which has always focused on the two key features of flexibility and innovation, has now been revamped and renamed PM FLEX.

We offer a wide range of corrugated hollow pliable ICTA conduits (LSF0H and HF), corrugated pre-wired flexible conduits, corrugated flexible conduits in PVC, smooth rigid conduits in PVC and smooth LSZH and HF rigid conduits, industrial sheaths and cable ducts. We also offer all the relevant accessories for every product family.

Our mission has always been to innovate with passion to make the life of installers increasingly easier, faster and safer. We also undertake to protect and care for the environment with the aim of improving the world in which we live.

The company is founded
The founder of the company starts a business distributing electricity in the province of Bergamo.
The brand is created
Pietro Moscheni, a family member, starts production of wooden accessories for installations with the company brand “P.M. Pietro Moscheni”
P.M. Plastic Materials
Pietro Moscheni’s descendent starts the production of corrugated flexible plastic conduits under the company name “P.M. Plastic Materials”
Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Introduction of flexible Low Smoke Zero Halogen polypropylene conduits with low environmental impact.
Pre-wired conduits
The industrial-scale production of pre-wired conduits gets under way.
Pre-lubricated conduits
The in-house production of pre-lubricated conduits is introduced.
Opening of the “San Bartolomeo” factory
PM Flex Nordic AB
Foundation of PM Flex Holding AB in Sweden
Opening of the “Campino” factory. Launch of the Quick & Easy line.
Green PVC
Conversion of the entire flexible and rigid PVC conduit range to Green PVC
Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Launch of “Low Smoke Zero Halogen” eco-friendly rigid polypropylene conduits
One Coil & One Box
Launch of One Coil and One Box, special packaging solutions for pre-wired conduits, developed to simplify the unwinding of the conduit without twists and blockages.
Launch of the Rock&Roll system, extra-long pre-wired conduit coils (up to 500 m) for installation over large areas.
Halogen Free Product Line
Launch of the halogen-free line both for pre-wired conduits and hollow conduits in compliance with the new European standard EN50642.
Launch of PM Flex ECO-GREEN; the eco-friendly flexible conduit made of recycled polypropylene and packaged in biofilm.
Transfer of the company shares of PM Plastic Materials to a company owned by the private equity fund DBAG and to top managers
PM FLEX s.r.l.
Change of company name from PM Plastic Materials s.r.l. to PM FLEX s.r.l.