Eco-green conduits: recycled and bio plastics

Safety and environment protection

As a leading manufacturer of plastic conduits,
in PM FLEX we take responsibility for protecting the environment in everything we do.

We are committed to reducing the quantity of plastic material with which we manufacture our products, we recycle 100% of the waste materials from our factories and continuously improve our ability to use raw materials with a very low CO2 impact.

It is with great satisfaction that we announce the launch of PM FLEX ECO-GREEN: recycled polypropylene and bio-plastics for an ecological corrugated pliable conduit at the forefront of eco-sustainability.

The conduit is made up of at least 50% of post-consumer recycled material (PCR) originating from post-consumer household waste in western European countries.

Thanks to the use of 50% recycled PP, we reduce CO2 production by 40% compared to the use of 100% fossil PP.

The roll packaging film is made up of at least 50% of bio- polyethylene originating from renewable raw materials. What makes bio-PE ecological is the fact that it does not come from oil or gas, but from nature: in fact, it comes from fast generation plants (such as sugar cane), whose cultivation contributes to the absorption of CO2.

By using bio-polyethylene packaging films, we help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere compared to fossil polyethylene:

1 Ton fossil PE > + 2,1 Tons of CO2
1 Ton bio PE > – 0,155 Tons of CO2

Both conduits and packaging film are 100% recyclable.