Halogen Free conduits

Safety and environment protection

In PM, we are passionate and committed to offer our clients products at the forefront of technology, always matching the highest standards of safety, usability and environment protection.

Thanks to the launch of the new PM FLEX HALOGEN FREE CONDUITS, we can now offer our installers the ultimate level of safety.

The brand new range of Halogen Free pliable and rigid conduits complies with the recent European STANDARD
recently released by CENELEC and already in force throughout EEC.

The new Standard defines the criteria for determining the halogen content of conduit systems and sets the thresholds, in terms of amount of halogens, which these systems can not overpass in order to be declared “Halogen Free”.

Maximum limits of halogens accepted according to standard EN 50642 are:

Brominated compounds (Br) 0.15%
Chlorine compounds (Cl) 0.15%
Fluorinated compounds (Fl) 0.30%
Compounds of Iodine (I) 0.30%

TOTAL halogen content (Br, Cl, Fl, I): 0,4%

The actual halogen content of PM FLEX HF conduits is less than 0.10%, far below the threshold set by EN 50642 standard.

In other words, the halogen content of PM FLEX HF conduits is 10 times less than other conduits available on the market and claimed to be “Zero Halogen” in accordance with IEC 60754 standards.
To note, PM HF conduits also meet the much more restrictive requirements of the Svanen Nordic Ecolabel.
PM HF conduits are recommended in all electrical installations in places intended to accommodate many people, such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, offices, stations, etc.

Why is it important to use HF conduits that comply with EN 50642?

• to protect the workplace and workers’ health

• to protect the environment and not pollute groundwater when products are disposed

• to protect life of people and animals. In the event of a fire, HF conduits emit a negligible amount of corrosive and toxic gases

• to avoid corrosion phenomena that are potentially dangerous for electronic equipment

PM HF conduits also meet the requirements of standard IEC 61034-2 (Low Smoke).

Why is it important to use Low Smoke conduits that comply with IEC 61034-2?

• Because in the event of a fire, these conduits do not emit opaque fumes and guarantee visibility higher than 60%, which makes it possible to identify emergency exits.